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If you had a partnership that went bad, what is the #1 thing you took away from that?
The biggest lesson for me from partnerships that went bad in the past is “Keep the Emotion out of it”. It is extremely difficult, but very necessary if you want to navigate the stormy waters effectively. It is all too easy to become bitter and cynical and to attack each other on a personal level. But sometimes even a business decision like how to split remaining assets is shrouded in emotion, which makes it harder than it needs to be. At times like these, you probably need to seek guidance from a business colleague or mentor (Note: NOT family or anyone who cares for you on a personal level, and may be biased) to look at the situation from a clear, business viewpoint, and help you make the hard decisions with a clinical eye, devoid of any emotional attachment. Sometimes a mediator can help to act as the ‘go between’... Read the rest of the answer here.

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